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Welcome to the official website of the longest established Kung Fu school of traditional martial arts in Perth – Roger Smart’s Studio of Martial Arts, We teach the following styles at our well-appointed kung fu school in Perth, W.A:

With over 57 years of experience in learning, practicing and teaching traditional martial arts classes in Perth, that includes training as a closed door student in China, Hong Kong and Australia under the guidance and teachings of some of the world’s leading kung fu practitioners, including Grandmaster’s Chu Wan Pong, Chan Sau Chung, Lun Gai, Lam Chi Ping, Doctor Allen Lee, Lo Chi Cheong and Professor Wong Kit Po, Si-Gung Roger Smart has gained acclaim as a true master who has dedicated his life to the arts.

Today he continues his teachings under Grandmaster Chu Wan Pong in the Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung style). In addition to his martial arts studio and private kung fu classes in Perth, he has also trained members of the Australian armed forces, including Australia’s most elite Special Air Service (SAS). His national and international credentials include:

Si-Gung Roger Smart believes that before an individual may enhance a system according to their personal strengths and body types, they must learn the authentic system as completely as possible to ensure the that the traditional teachings are passed from Master to the student in every one of the martial arts classes at our Perth studio. In this way, the essence of the art is retained and the true knowledge of the system remains. Understanding this, he also aims to improve the application of the arts he teaches.

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